The telecom industry is one of the most competitive business markets. In the past decade, the telecom industry has witnessed tremendous growth due to the evolution of communication mediums. The telecom service providers are tackling two of the biggest challenges: addressing constantly changing user communication needs, and the explosion of connected devices. The increased use of smart devices and IoT is driving telecom service providers to invest in end-to-end managed services, which can help them with network infrastructure management as efficient business process management.

Quench Soft Solutions helps its telecom industry clients improve their operational efficiencies, time to market capabilities, drive innovation, and meet operational objectives.

Application Support and Maintenance: The standard application support and maintenance services for telecom companies demand high investments. Thus, the telecom service providers are dealing with the challenge of reducing the expenditure for application support and maintenance. Quench employs a value-driven approach, which incorporates ITIL and lean principles to eliminate performance bottlenecks. Also, we help reduce the complexities of the service by using various tools, and proven practices.

Application Modernization Services: Quench’s application modernization services are aimed to help telecom service providers to transform their customer engagement experiences. We do so by modernizing their legacy applications, leading their cloud migration, and creating a seamless data flow across the organization.

Big Data and Analytics: Quench’s Cogent WebApps enable telecom service providers to make better operational decisions in the areas of campaign management, customer management, inventory management, supply chain management, and more. Our advanced analytics platform enables telecom operations to make informed business decisions.

Business Consulting: The telecom companies are addressing challenges brought by emerging networking technologies, cloudification, and industry consolidation. These companies understand the importance of aligning their business processes, operations, and strategies for a better market position. Quench's consultants partner with telecom companies to create operational, and strategic solutions that help them increase their enterprise value through the following services:

IT/Infrastructure Services: We provide end-to-end management infrastructure management services including data center management, network and security services, end user computing, systems integration, and more. We leverage our in-depth domain expertise, technology, and business knowledge to deliver value-driven services to our telecom clients.

Dedicated and Cloud Hosting: Quench Soft Solutions helps telecom service providers incorporate cloud transformation effortlessly. Our dedicated cloud hosting services allows these businesses to focus on their core businesses instead of spending time in managing servers, and IT assets. Our service delivery and management adheres to ITIL service delivery guidelines, and ISO specifications. We provide value-added services such as :

Digital Marketing: We help telecom service providers to exploit various digital platforms to deliver on a core strategy, operate smarter, faster, and improve their customer engagement.

Enterprise Mobility: Telecommunication companies understand that mobility is important to automate their business processes. At Quench, we consider mobility as a catalyst of improved efficiency and management. We provide a vast range of services and solutions that are technologically advanced and affordable for telecom companies.

Customer Experience Management: We help telecommunication clients by designing effective customer experience management strategies. We employ our proprietary Cogent WebApps platform to deliver insights and strategies on increasing customer engagement in the current business, while ensuring efficient service delivery, and pricing.

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