Retailers across the world are driven to find answers for basic challenges such as aggressive domain competitiveness, reducing profit margins, and declining customer loyalty. In addition to these, they are facing a big challenge of fulfilling rising expectations of modern day digital shoppers. Today, shoppers are well-informed of their choices, and ensure that they derive maximum benefits from their investment. This has led to an immense change in their buying decisions. To excel in their domain, retailers are driven to change their business models, combat rising consumer expectations, and excel across all digital touch points.

Quench Soft Solutions drives the e-retail transformation by combining various business elements, and influencing customer experience through various integrated features.

Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence: The retail industry is an extremely competitive. This drives retailers to work hard to create a niche amongst competitors and build strong customer relationships. They are realizing that their organizational data will help them to make a strong impact. Quench’s Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions allow retailers to harness the potential of their internal and external data to create a significant difference in their business.

Customer Management: Building customer loyalty is very important to succeed in any business domain. We help retailers gain insights into customer behavior by employing Cogent Web Apps, which enables them to manage:

Store Portal Management: The store is considered the main nerve-center for brick and mortar, as well as e-retailers. Attractive store fronts always invite attention, and create a deep impact on the customers’ buying decisions. We help retailers transform their e-retail stores for maximum impact, driving business success.

Business Management Services: Retailers are constantly trying to improve their profitability, reduce their Total Costs of Operation (TCO), and increase their revenues while improving customer loyalty. With our proprietary Cogent WebApps platform, we allow retailers efficiently merge their various business functions to enhance their profitability as well as operational efficiencies.

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement: We allow retailers to leverage the power of various digital media platforms to increase their customer engagement.

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